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Remaking this Website

31 Jul 2021

I have a confession to make.

How Far is That By Car?

20 May 2021

All of this code is on Github, so check it out, if you can!

My wife, Jackie, is a medical student at UCSF, but this week she visited me! So far, we've had a ton of fun in Norfolk, and we have some great plans for the weekend.

Without fail, Jackie brings me new interesting problems every time she comes here. Right now, she's working on determining the distances from patients' homes to the hospital. For anonymity, only patients' zip codes are used. Essentially, the problem can be stated like this:

Navigating with Fractals

25 Apr 2021

I caught COVID at work earlier this year, so I ended up with a few weeks at home in isolation. In order to pass the time, I decided to try and learn a bit about the Unity game engine. I had a blast with it, and started to wonder how hard it would be to program a (simple) video game. The 3D physics simulation within Unity reminded me a lot of the phase spaces in continuous dynamics, which I have studied a fair bit, so I felt up to the challenge.